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Sunland Park Fitness by Danny Samaniego was founded in November of 2012 by Danny Samaniego himself. With over 30 years of experience as a personal trainer, Danny envisioned a place where he could educate both clients and members about proper training and nutrition. That being said SPF’s mission is to not only help sculpt an aesthetic body but to enhance the mind and spirit as well. We make sure to do this by providing an elite training experience from start to finish! We offer several services like personal training, protein shakes, supplements, fit meals, and only the best in training equipment.

Danny Samaniego was born in El Paso, TX. on April 12, 1967, into a loving and nurturing family of Mexican and German decent. He was the last addition to his family of 12. Growing up he was blessed with a very happy childhood guided by the biblical household teachings of his parents. From 1972-1999 Samaniego’s family decided to change their scenery and expand their horizons by moving their family to India California. As a child he was always an entrepreneur by nature it seemed innate to him, for the world appeared to be like that of a looking glass. Where it revealed the bountiful opportunities the world has to offer him. Over the years he continued to carry this positive outlook on life.

In high school, he owned his own business where he detailed automobiles, sold car accessories, steamed cleaned carpets, and upholstery along with professional window cleaning. After he graduated he went on to tackle his academics at the College of the Desert in California from 1988-1992. Later, he transferred to La Sierra University in Riverside, California, where he assisted from 1993-1996 and pursued a career in nutrition, health science, and pre-dental. However, in 1994 his life took a sudden turn spiraling into a dark chaotic labyrinth filled with hardships and turmoil. In 1999, Samaniego decided to change his course of action and turned to training to save him from the path he was on. After all, growing up he was always an avid athlete who participated in almost every sport imaginable, and weight training acted as an outlet that enabled him in excelling in other sports specifically track and football. Thus, in 1986 he began bodybuilding. Through the years he accumulated over 500 trophies in football, track, body building, and bicycle motocross, in which he was ranked #1 in the state of California District 2 on the cruiser and #5 on the 20-inch bike. The world of athletics opened up a new door of horizons where he flourished in the lively environment.


Furthermore, bodybuilding ignited a new form of passion for fitness where he found himself utterly stunned by the changes he was witnessing and wanted to view how far he could push himself. As he realized the positive magnitude of changes that bodybuilding had to offer him in its entirety he had a moment of revelation. During this moment he wondered what he could do with other people to positively change their lives through the world of fitness and in 1987, he became a certified personal trainer. Even though the vast majority of his clients are mainly looking to get healthy in order to make everyday tasks easier, he has trained law enforcement and people who have won competitions, and pageants. He has also worked with world renown body builders and used them as consultants to help build his knowledge in personal training in order to offer his clients a broad array of fitness advice. Through the years, and many successes, he has landed a spot as a judge on the National Physique Committee (NPC).

Even though being a personal trainer is one of the key components in Samaniego’s life, it is not his one and only passion. Samaniego also loves giving back to his community. Fortunately, he has been able to donate to several organizations such as the “Hands of the Luke Ministries,” (an orphanage in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mx.) “The Humane Society,” and “Child Guide Center” where they work with children who have been abused. All in all, giving back to his community in whatever form he can is a large aspect of his life and he is vivaciously passionate about helping those less fortunate than him.



In essence, Samaniego unequivocally loves being a personal trainer, for fitness is not only his passion it is his life. He does not look at personal training as a job, instead, he views it as an absolutely unique opportunity where he has the power to help people by raising their self-esteem, transform their physique, and most importantly their mindset. His main goal is to teach individuals the true power in believing oneself, by showing his clients the innate power they hold within when they overcome obstacles with the sheer power of their body. By listening to his clients he ensures that each workout is tailored to every single individual client’s needs on the basis of their unique goal and personal physique. Ultimately, fitness is Samaniego’s life! He encompasses every aspect of it and hopes he can help as many people as he can.

“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that exercise is fun”.

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